City View Loft Update & Request for Information

City View Lofts information sheet


August 24, 2016


Sent via Electronic Mail, Hand-Delivery to all Residents, & USPS


To:      City View Lofts Owners

From:  David Floyd & Associates, Inc.

Re:      Updates & Request for Information

Resignation of Board Member: Please be advised that Elizabeth Garrett has resigned from the Board of Directors due to the time demands of her new law practice.   We want to express our appreciation to Elizabeth for her hard work and efforts to make City View Lofts a better place in which to live.  If you are interested in becoming an interim Board Member, please let us know.  This position would be in place until it can be filled by a vote of the members at the next Annual Meeting.


New Website: The HOA now has a new website which is located at   If you’ve not already done so, please visit the website and take a moment to REGISTER.   Once approved, you’ll have full access to the website including financial information, minutes, and other documents which are not accessible to the public.  Your suggestions and input are welcomed as we work to make this a useful tool in communication and keeping the owners and residents in the loop!


Owner/Tenant Form: Please click on the link at the top of the page and you’ll see the Owner/Tenant Information sheet.   Please complete and return this sheet via email to or you may fax it to us at 615-297-9340 or you may mail it to us at


City View Lofts

c/o David Floyd & Associates, Inc.

104 East Park Dr, #320

Brentwood, TN  37027


We will be providing more information and communication to you in the coming months and want to thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance as we work to build an accurate and helpful data base for your HOA.